Home of Kim Beom lovers

This blog is dedicated to Kim Beom .We’ll try to put everything about Beommie here such as news, interviews ,pics, caps, gifs, fancam, wallpaper ,fanfic, Vietsub….
We are Beommie fans,that means we support him as well as whatever he does,whoever he casts …..

Contact us if you want some more information,questions or connecting to us

Deneb : queenbee1406@gmail.com
Mây chan : nguyennhu_ngocvkd@yahoo.com
Hươu Chan : thuyan1811@yahoo.com
SOnew : tinh_yeu_dieu_ki_8804@yahoo.com

Please support us

  1. chiyeuminhanh2304 says:

    I am Yina, Iam 19 year old, Im from Japan……..I love KimBum

  2. jelca says:

    hio wa ni tae min nu wa sea hie lee oware joia uea aoous 8ajau judy9a

  3. blue lys says:

    ca’m on ban rat nhieu ve bo phim ” still marry me ” , minh cung rat yeu Kim Bum !

  4. thai khoa says:

    kim bum ak, oi a ay noira cug de thuong nhung ko bik sao ko ai thoat khoi noi canh cuoi quyen ru cua a ay the nay ai bik so phone kim bum hok

  5. thai khoa says:

    i saranghae kim bum

  6. kimiko says:

    are u still updating this blog?

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